Fictional post. Helghan Empire (KILLZONE): 

The Helghan Empire is the autocratic governing body on planet Helghan, ruling over the Helghast people. They are the main antagonists of the Killzone series. The founder and first ruler of the Empire was Autarch Scolar Visari, who was succeeded by Admiral Orlock, the Helghast Military Commander, following the battle of Pyrrhus City, invasion of Visari Palace and his death.

"Violence has its own economy. Therefore be thoughtful and precise in your investment."

—Helghast philosophy.


The Helghast peoples’ lives of extreme hardship naturally make them hardened soldiers. Most of Helghan’s fiscal and natural resources go towards the military, leaving little for domestic development. The Helghan military’s primary tactics primarily relate to the implementation of vicious, rapidly sweeping surgical strikes reliant on the element of surprise, focusing almost completely on offensive based strategies. However, the Second Extrasolar War has shown that the Helghast military is adept in defensive tactics as well, springing numerous traps and ambushes on unwary ISA forces.

However, thirty years after the destruction of Helghan and their resettlement on Vekta, the new helghast government has made several reforms on the military. Because of the major decrease of population, the government now relies on more highly trained soldiers with better equipment and weaponry, rather than lightly trained ones who rely on overwhelming numbers.